Associate QA Manager


Sonia Negi has 10 years of Quality Assurance experience with an expertise in ETL/Data warehouse/Database Testing . In her current organization she is working as a system tester who performs end to end testing , With time she has got strong expertise in API testing with Posman/Jmeter . Well-versed in CI/CD implementation with Gitlab/gitlab/bitbucket and Jenkins . Prior to working at Clarivate Analytics, Sonia worked at NTT Data for 2 years and Wipro technologies for 3 years.

During her 5 years tenure she was become proficient in SQL server management studio , Teradata, PostgresSQL . She has strong expertise in ETL test data automation . In her current organization she is playing multiple roles from being a QA lead to an individual contributor to scrum master .She is passionate towards Agile practices and had contributed in multiple event’s facilitation as servant leader .
She has managed team of 10 QAs where team is cross functional . Sonia carries deep understanding of US Healthcare domain. She is part of Graduate Hiring process in Clarivate analytics.

Sonia is graduated from Kurukshetra University , Kurukshetra with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology . She holds ISTQB and CSM certifications . She is helping her free time in volunteering activities where she helps community with facilitating some events ..

Sonia is an experienced QA professional with 10+ years of IT experience .She has got extensive experience in US healthcare and e-commerce domains . Apart from her testing experience ,she is exposed to the agile world too which is her add-on skill . Sonia claims herself as an agilist by heart :) 

Contribution for WAT

Sonia is an unstoppable force, who helped Women in Agile and tech with her #servantleadership as #scrummaster . It is commendable. As a new team member it was challenging to start leading Women in Agile and Tech office as #scrummaster where most of the team members were senior to her, also she never met them and all the work was virtual.

She is an exceptional Tester and she helped AgileVirgin Applications with that skill. She also helped many programs under AgilityToday umbrella and made them a huge success. Thanks a ton Sonia for being such a rock star and shaking us with your sparkles and helping us shine.

As the WAT Chief Scrum master she makes sure all the programs are running smoothly . She ensures effective coordination and communication between WAT officers, facilitates them to bring forward their ideas through which WAT can help the community more gracefully . 

Philosophy of Life

     She is a social bee who loves to be with people with energy and enthusiasm . She is a positive thinker and sees beauty in everything and everyone around and respects their perspective . She is a continuous learner and believes that we learn and unlearn at every phase in life thus, the learning should not stop. She is a Yoga lover too. In her words "I live with yoga now and that’s my beautiful journey".

"t was a great learning experience to be part of this unique group where I met some amazing women ❤️ and got opportunity to connect with them. Overall it was great association with W.A.T."