Agile Program Management


Ritika is an enthusiastic professional with strong experience in Project Management transitioning into Agile Manager, Product Management and Release Manager, with proven ability of leading projects independently. She is uniquely qualified to drive successful work with both technology and creative teams, and an extensive background working with both internal and external clients at all levels of the organization using Agile methodologies.

Possess rich experience on successfully delivering the digital space ranging from marketing campaigns to complex application development implementations with WordPress and AEM's underlying technology

Managing Client expectations, project financials ,define project scope, secure the necessary resources and plans , risks and monitor all activities are just a few of her day-to-day responsibilities.

She is goal-oriented with strong leadership capabilities. Has an agile bent of mind which help her structuring the problem and resolving them. She is able to marry her organizations skills with her people skills to enable the team to produce their best.

Certified as : SAFe Agilist 5.0 , SAFe POPM 2020 , PSM 1 2020

Contribution for WAT

She surprised everyone as new Volunteer to AgilityToday. It did not feel that she is new. She was so perfect with her work, be it quality, timeliness or creativity, she did it all well.
She has been associated as Mentor in our Global Mentorship program consistently from last 2 years.
Your constant support to this year's program is very much appreciated and needed. Thanks a lot Ritika for helping us with your valuable contribution and we look forward to have you in all our initiatives and programs.

Philosophy of Life

She is an independent strong girl who believes in power of YOURSELF - "Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing you will get it and you will be UNSTOPPABLE."

"As a facilitator and chief scrum master, I had the privilege of working with the Women in Agile and Technology (W.A.T.) community. W.A.T. is a platform that supports and empowers women across global technology organizations, providing critical resources and support to help them overcome the unique challenges they face.
Working with W.A.T. was a humbling experience, as it allowed me to connect with women who are fighting to overcome systemic barriers in the tech industry. I found it inspiring to be part of a community that is so committed to supporting and uplifting women in tech, it allowed me to connect with other women in tech and build a network that has proven invaluable to my career. Thanks for all opportunity provided and being their to support always."