Business Analyst


An Innovator with a proven ability to build exceptional teams and tackle challenging products, from Quality to overseeing Product Development and Delivery -- makes her feel that no challenge is BIG.

Contribution for WAT

She works as a Program Director for AgilityA2Z and enjoys connecting with leaders across the globe to learn more about the concepts of agile and by applying the same, try to be more productive in the respective areas of my work.

A girl with less words and more actions.

She led Agility A2Z and also assisted many programs under Women in Agile and Tech office and AgilityToday umbrella. She is an introvert who knows how to communicate. This is an art worth learning specially to those who mostly keep to themselves. If she commits to something, consider it is done. Thanks a lot Purva for your Servant Leadership to Women in Agile and Tech and AgileVirgin.

Philosophy of Life

The Chinese proverb says, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. Therefore, she strongly believes in continuous self-improvement which is to do something, no matter how small the action is about a problem, rather than just sit and complain about it.