Agile Coach


A versatile, accomplished & goal-oriented professional with 19+ years of experience in IT industry and over 11+ years in working as a passionate change agent on Digital/Delivery Transformation using Agile methodologies. Adept at creating strategies for market leading products utilizing Agile delivery models and Digital and Agile Engineering practices. Proficient in Digital Program Delivery Management, Agile Coaching, Agile Project Delivery, Consulting, Change and Release Cycle Management, Risk Mitigation, Agile Training & Development and People Management with proven track record of delivering consistent business results through adept leadership.

Contribution for WAT

She is an Officer in W.A.T in India from 2020 and has been serving the community by taking care of the Unleash program as program director. She has also been involved in Agility Today Fest as a servant leader and Change Agent Summit as part of the organising team.

She is a power house and lights your way, enables you, removes impediments, enlightens you with many ideas and helps you innovate. Starting from Women in Agile and Tech's office, connecting all officers, running Unleash Yourself Program, Leading Co-Creation and new leaders program of AgilityToday, Agile Coach Camp, and the list can go on, she delivered way beyond expectations and helped each and every person she met.

She is a wonderful woman who gives and generates abundance. Thanks Poulomi for being such a kind soul and thought leader.

Philosophy of Life

As an individual, she firmly believes in the power of community and the boundless opportunities that the universe provides you to work for the community - be it friends, family or mere strangers. To describe her life philosophy, she shares with you a simple quote from a Harry Potter book - “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” She has observed that it's always a choice between what is right and what is easy and one need not take big steps to achieve one’s goals, however, the small ones should be in the right direction !!!

" WAT has been my comfort zone for the past few years. It has been an amazing journey with great people and support. I got to experience camaraderie in all that i took on and there was not one moment of dullness. It has given flights to my imaginations and fuelled my innovations. I can never thank enough to the wonderful bunch of women with whom I served the office and Deepti who is exceptionally well equipped to nurture your dreams selflessly and actually a great friend. Best of luck for all WAT initiatives".