Agile Lead


CSM, CSP 14+ years of IT experience Senior Scrum Master, Agile Coach: She is passionate about building the best relationships forged on honesty, integrity and trust. She is working together to create efficient, empowering and fun work, she takes pride in leading teams where they want to go in a way they want to get there.

As an Agile Delivery Lead, she helps individuals and teams adopt and /or improve an agile mindset and ways of working; leading, coaching and mentoring people to re-think their current way of working to achieve desired results more efficiently, returning feedback iteratively and ultimately delivering customer and business value quicker. Her role isn't just about following/owning a process or facilitating ceremonies (although that is included), it's also about understanding people, being able to work with psychology and also experimenting with new things to find more efficient way to work .
Quick learner, always ready to take up challenges, impactful servant leadership, trustworthy, team player, innovative solution finder and proactive.
As Scrum Master:
- Always leaving an impact where team becomes self organized and cross functional.
- Helping team members and organization to improve continuously and achieve their goals.
- Proactive, facilitator, hardworking, solution driven and result oriented approach. Analyzing different metrices and presenting progress to stakeholders.
- Mentoring new scrum masters.
- Helping team to implement best practices (TDD, XP, ATDD, Kanban, Lean).
- Lead team to deliver best quality software within deadlines. Encouraging team for optimizing workflow and maximum automation which can reduce development efforts and can improve quality.
- Got recognition for driving multiple dynamics and leading teams in tough time.
- Leading Women's Forum "SHINE" to keep motivating and engaging our fellow Women Colleagues

- Innovation Performer of the Year 2020
- Nominated for the Quarterly award while onsite with British Airways for my efforts

Contribution for WAT

She is an active member of Women in Agile & Tech in India from 2019 and serving community by taking care of the Mentorship program , so far lead 3 successful tenure of the same , Looking forward to continue

Phew!! How does she manages to do all her work with great quality by herself and still able to help others too? She leads our Global Mentorship Program, all by herself, and extends herself to AgilityToday Fest which in itself is a cluster of 8-10 sub-events. She is an amazing leader with very innovative ideas, very hardworking as well as ensures quality in all her work. Lucky is the organization that has her. Thanks a lot Meenakshi for being our officer and helping us achieve great success with all our Programs and Teams.

Philosophy of Life

She is a Worshiper of the universe, a firm believer of GOD and it’s power. She is also a mentor, caretaker for my family, friends, peers and a peace lover. Bad at drawing, good cook to some extent not professional, very patient and thankful to her parents for everything she has been showered with. Share and Care, is her personal favorite philosophy which she just not preaches but practice.

"It was very supportive and collaborative effort, we all find a safe place to talk openly sometimes even we discussed personal, there was so much to learn exchange made BFFs out of work no competition just feeling of upliftment. It was great, minimum we can contribute back what we are learning. Also made so many connections and feel overwhelmed with the thank you messages . Heartfelt gratitude to the platform it gave me confidence ,a place outside my work where I can work and share , learn."