Scrum Master


Agile (SAFe) Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach: Quick learner, always ready to take up challenges, impactful servant leadership, trustworthy, team player, innovative solution finder and proactive.

As Scrum Master:
- Helping team members and organization to improve continuously and achieve their goals.
- Implemented SCRUM in 2 new projects, Kanban in 1 project and built completely new teams. Delivered project from prototype to production.
- Proactive, facilitator, hardworking, solution driven and result oriented approach.
- Department level Scrum trainer. Mentoring new scrum masters.
- Helping team to implement best practices (TDD, XP, ATDD, Scumban, Kanban, Lean, Waterfall).
- Lead team to deliver best quality software within deadlines. Encouraging team for optimizing workflow and maximum automation which can reduce development efforts and can improve quality.
- Earned recognitions and awards for driving multiple dynamics and leading teams in tough time.
- Driving new joiner on boarding and Leading utilization of IT Tools and Infrastructure requirements at department level.

Contribution for WAT

This group is all about doing what you love to do! A constant flow of energy and inclusiveness have provided me multiple opportunities to play different roles like community developer and program director as well.

Khushbu with her creativity helped Women in Agile and Tech to spread its messages to all around the globe. She helps all the initiatives under AgileVirgin to craft their promotional messages and enable these programs and their leaders with way of connecting with community. Thanks a lot Khushbu for helping Women in Agile and Tech and AgileVirgin for expending their wings.

Philosophy of Life

For Khushbu, success and happiness are subjective and ‘being myself’ is the greatest achievement in this rapidly changing world. Humble in nature, hunger to learn new things and respect for all is a key for good life.

"This is very first time, I contributed on open platform which has global impact. Professionally I am Program Manager but I always wanted to utilize my creativity for a cause and WAT gave me that opportunity. I enjoyed working with many wonderful and supportive women out there, understand their views to create designs/flyers for promotions. Moreover, we had many sessions from global leaders which helped me to earn and enhance my skills which helped me to perform better in my profession as well. Today, I have friends in almost all metro cities of India to whom I can reach out for any help and that's just because of WAT. I am very much grateful to WAT for what I am today. I can't resist myself to give this message to all women out there, give your some time to WAT and WAT will give definitely give you wings and strength to fly."