Enterprise Agile Coach


Dolly is a seasoned IT professional with 17+ years experience as an agile practitioner helping teams, organizations and executive leadership implement and improve their agile adoption and delivery. She has extensive experience in coaching and leading agile teams in Finance, Life Insurance & Health Care domains.

Contribution for WAT

She is an active member of Women in Agile & Tech in India and she enjoys connecting with leaders across the globe in creating games, digitally engaging and motivating people to learn agile concepts & achieve their goals.

Dolly is a very committed Leader. She led Gamify it and Funconf with full determination and took complete ownership of Funconf's success as well as failure. We need leaders like Dolly. Thanks a lot Dolly for helping 'Women in Agile and Tech' by leading its initiative "Gamify it" and AgileVirgin's "Funconf" and helping us build a strong global gamification community in India.

Philosophy of Life

She places a lot of value on self development and spend a great deal of her spare time learning and growing professionally and personally. She is compassionate and has a high level of emotional intelligence. She appreciates that everyone has an opinion and a unique approach to work. Taking this understanding, she can patiently adapt to a variety of communication approaches.