Enterprise Agile Transformation Expert


Tech-savvy Agile leader offering 17+ years of experience with a proven track record in driving multiple organizations through Lean-Agile transformation by training & mentoring cross-functional & technical teams in agile values & best practices for project management & software development; applying comprehensive knowledge of SAFe, Scrum and Kanban methods for transitioning the organizational infrastructure.

As an Enterprise & Lead Agile Coach, I have leveraged my expertise in collaborating with other coaches on plans and techniques for accelerating and advancing the organization’s agile transformation. My leadership style empowers and inspires my team members in delivering best outputs by creating innovative solutions towards the technical challenges.

Career Commencement: Started career as a Web Designer and then climbed up the ladder; worked in various capacities viz., Sr. PMO Analyst, Sr. QA Analyst, Sr. Scrum Master, Senior Manager, Agile Coach/Trainer and finally as an Enterprise & Lead Agile Coach. Currently, I am associated with Salesforce as an Enterprise & Lead Agile Coach. Throughout my career, I have made significant contributions including:

☛ Prove ability in spearheading a team of 5 agile coaches in executing the strategy by providing training support to 200+ teams across 3 global business units with 8000+ employees involving India, Singapore, France, Israel, USA and UK
☛ Successful in delivering agile training to 500+ batches consisting of 3500+ participants on Business Agility Team and Technical Agility
☛ Holds the credit in coaching & certifying 200+ Scrum Masters and extending support to the teams in Tel Aviv (Israel) on Agile values and principles to promote continuous improvement in practices and artifacts
☛ Key contribution in organizing 50+ Agile office hours to help Engineers & SMs with the strategic direction, guidance and coaching
☛ Orchestrated and conducted SAFe training classes across APAC regions
☛ Launched APAC Scrum Masters Community of Practice which features a cross-geo network of Scrum Masters
☛ Administered the Definition of Done and Ready (DoD and DoR) initiative and conducted the 'Train the Trainer' workshop for all the Scrum Masters across various divisions

Global Exposure:
☛ Visited United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and UAE

Initiatives/Events/Program Contributed to: Corporate & Sponsorship Outreach for AgilityToday 2020, 2021, 2022

Initiative/Events/Program Headed: AgilityToday