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This program intends to help Agilists, Leaders and Change Agents learn, discover and share ways of Visual expression and thinking. Program intends to achieve this goal by organizing events and workshops, and then further publishing them. It runs a monthly series. In 2020 5 sessions of Visuallect were held with approximately 25-30 participants per session. Total number of registrations for the series were 203.

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Visuallect finally culminated into an annual event Visual Binge. Visual Binge is an indulgence in different aspects of ideating and communicating visually to develop creative ideas by drawing connections

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What we have done in the past?





Visual Organization Scale

Brandy Agerbeck

18th July, 2020

Ready, Set, Draw! 

Jill Greenbaum

29th August, 2020

How not to get lost in Space

Cornelia Brezing

19th September, 2020

Thought Sketching

Jill Greenbaum

10th October, 2020

If you please, draw me a sheep

Charles Louis

21st November, 2020